ecommerce and the future

Having a website to support your business is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any modern retail business. Social media, online advertising and the potential to reach a worldwide market are just three of a plethora of reasons why maintaining a strong online presence is of benefit to your company.

It’s relatively easy to get a website up and running – but getting your website noticed, and constructing a customer-focused, user-friendly website is another skill altogether. With social media technology and online media changing and evolving so quickly, it’s important that your website is future proof – that is, that your website is built in such a way that it has room to grow, adapt and evolve with your business and online technologies.

Spending money on building an online store that becomes restrictive or obsolete within a matter of months is a false economy – these days it’s all about scalability and flexible eCommerce solutions that negate the need for costly website or content management redevelopments.

Professional eCommerce Solutions

If you’re thinking of upgrading your online store, or are simply starting an eCommerce business from scratch, then you should consider investing in a professional eCommerce web developer’s service. Having a customised eCommerce system has a number of benefits:

Forget One Size Fits All – You want your website to stand out, so it then goes that you’ll need content management system and eCommerce software that adapts to your needs, not vice versa. A professional web developer will be able to build a content management system that fits your design, your customer’s needs and your product base, making for a more successful online venture all round. It’s all about giving you the control that you require.

Investment for the future – the best open source eCommerce platforms are now so flexible that they will be scalable into the foreseeable future, allowing for new product lines, social media integration and

Website statistics, tracking and analysis – with a professional eCommerce development project, specialists will also be able to provide you with access to real-time website statistics, tracking and analysis. This allows you to utilise this important information – such as customer behaviour, key website traffic entry points and how this all converts to sales – to maximise sales and revenue.

The latest secure shopping cart services – shopping cart and payment processing security is of paramount importance and can make or break your website’s reputation; that’s why it’s vital that you invest in a service that employs the latest security technology, whilst keeping the payment process streamlined for your customers’ convenience.

Take the opportunity to invest in cost-effective, scalable and flexible eCommerce solutions now, and you’re sure to reap benefits in the future with a system that adapts and grows with your business.

How to Select the Best Ecommerce Solution

Selecting the best ecommerce solution is as critical as starting an ecommerce business. It serves as the heart of any ecommerce operations. The following factors will guide you;

You must be clear with your budget, when you go in pursuit of an ecommerce application. You must face the truth that it cost a fortune to own an ecommerce solution. However, there are a few open-source vendors available for start-ups, who do not want to spend much at the outset. For large enterprises, solutions like ATG Commerce will suit their business, as the platform is capable for scaling up and provides comprehensive support.

Understand the Customer
Understanding the customer is critical in an ecommerce business. Your website is the shop and through that customer s will buy their favorite products. If the navigation is difficult for the customer, then it will take a toll on your business. This is also the same in the case of design. If it is not sleek enough then it won’t encourage the customers to come back again. So you should make sure that this criteria in satisfied in your proposed ecommerce solution.

Always look for an ecommerce solution vendor who provides comprehensive support to your business. You are eligible for such support since you have already paid a hefty amount in the form of license. It would require a herculean task to replace a vendor in ecommerce.

4 Crucial Benefits of a Professional Web Design

Although the Internet has been around for quite some time already, still a lot of businesses do not understand the importance of having a quality website. While many businesses have websites, most of them are of poor quality, mostly due to the fact that a lot of business owners do not understand the benefits of a quality and professional web design. And there are many of them – the four mentioned below are just a sneak peak of what a good website can do for your business.

1. A professional Media Push website helps boost your search engine results position.A quality website is more visible to search engines, especially if a company that created it for you, knows what it’s doing regarding both web design and SEO. The more quality content you have, the more potential shares you can have and the more links to your website which are crucial in the eyes of Google or Bing. Similarly, more content means also more internal links, and both on-page and off-page SEO are equally important. And better ranking = more customers.

2. It Helps You Create a Real Brand identity. Some business owners forget that the website is representing their business. They spent thousands to design the interior of the office, restaurant or whatever the business they are running and then don’t want to make an additional investment on a design that would help them create a brand identity which customers would remember better. If you have a brand consistency, your customers will be more impressed, and it would be easier for them to share your business with others.

3. You Can Charge More.If a customer visits your website and it looks amateur, they will immediately think that your services are of poor quality. That way, you can’t charge extra. On the other hand, with a professional looking website and quality web design, you can charge a lot more compared to your competitors because your clients will be willing to pay you more because they’ll trust you more. It’s the same with wearing a suit to a meeting. It always answers a little bit of professionalism.

4. More Visitors Stay on Your Page. Sometimes, even if you have a website, and you invest in PPC or make a social media campaign, or you even rank high in search engine results, people believe your site immediately after they see it. With a professional website, you can adjust your site to your target audience and make them stay on your site much longer. This will give you a lot more time to convince them to make a purchase. Sometimes, even if they came to your website by accident, if they like your design and start reading about your offer they may end up being convinced and make a purchase.

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